Chef Diane

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The most wonderful job in the world is one done with passion…


From an early age, Diane was a food-lover and passionate about gastronomy. A passion which she got from her parents, who were real foodies. Even from 8 years old she was pretending to be a ‘mini-chef’, producing great little dishes for her family and guests – it was Dianette’s restaurant.

Despite her school and professional life being centred around business and management, she never lost sight of her passion and substantiated her experience by undertaking different work placements in numerous reputable establishments.  She also became interested in nutrition and dietetics, teaching herself  and studying to pass the Catering/Restaurant Owner exam in Belgium, a compulsory step in order to work as a caterer in the country.

A Swiss national, she spent 17 years in the south of France, 6 months in England, 4 years in Belgium, but Diane has finally come back to her original home of Pinet in the Herault region of France, her cooking having been refined and inspired by the countries where she has lived and travelled.

Philosophy :

Diane quickly understood that it was necessary to respect the environment – sourcing her products from local producers, respecting the seasons and trying to avoid intermediaries and transport as much as possible. Her cooking style is authentic, her preparations are home-made with fresh, flavourful ingredients.

Sociable, smiley and positive, Diane loves to communicate and exchange, with an eagerness to satisfy her clients,  she does everything possible to meet the client’s needs, however specific they may be. ‘The word impossible is not in my dictionary’ – Napoleon.